[1] Momiji vs Kasumi vs Ayane / by strongest

[2] Lig vs Tin vs Rac vs Cla vs Cer vs Ran vs Jil vs Tri vs Exc / by beautiful

[3] Lel vs 47 vs Sam vs Min vs Pai vs Lig vs Seb vs His vs Had / by intelligent

[4] Alu vs Aiz vs Mad vs Kra vs Dar vs Ita vs Had vs Pai vs Min / by strongest

[5] Jas vs Ita vs Tre vs Kra vs Ezi vs Noc vs Nar vs Lel vs Dar / by famous

[6] Yor vs Lig vs Cer vs Kon vs Ria vs Pan vs Ham vs Car vs Ser / by Strongest

[7] Lig vs Cer vs Ria vs Rok vs CC vs Mik vs Qui vs Hin vs Erz vs Lar vs Chu vs Sak / by famous

[8] Quiet vs Raiden / by strongest

[9] Aki vs Boa vs Tou vs Tsu vs Aya vs Cat vs Ran vs Mel vs Chi / by big boobs

[10] Lig vs Tin vs Qui vs Cla vs Cer vs Ran vs Jil vs Tri vs Exc / by beautiful

[11] Rachel vs Quiet / by beautiful

[12] Gal vs Dar vs Had vs Sil vs Dar vs Liv / by strongest

[13] Ruv vs Alu vs Pai vs Are vs Ale vs Dan / by strongest

[14] Lig vs Ezi vs Qui vs Tre vs Lar vs Dar / by famous

[15] One Above All vs Hades / by strongest

[16] One vs Gal vs Liv vs Pan vs Sil / by strongest

[17] Gal vs One vs Had vs Sil vs Liv vs Sai / by strongest

[18] Lara vs Quiet / by famous

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